Welcome to a small experimental site which is concerned with public click pedagogy. The site is premised on a hunch, a hunch about learning, what I call the L-word to mark it as more of an unkown than a known. The L-word is freely tossed about in formal education settings as if everyone knows what everyone means by the term and also that they know, more or less, what folk do when they learn. I'm not at all persuaded by that line or argument. So this tiny site is a bit of an exploration of a notion I have dubbed, somewhat playfully, PCP. I'm interested in exploring learning in public and in trying to capture the click1 or the ah ha or OMG I get it moments. If you'd like to play in here as well, let me know.

The site might just as easily have been named, the secret life of learning.

The click in PCP is a little like the oxymoronic term actor-network in that my sense is that an actual single click moment is unusual. We probably think something has clicked but we tend to forget the long period leading up to that 'aha' moment. So click is more of a pointer to a long click but which, we (?) tend to find it simpler to explain things to others as a click, snap, eureka! But in most instances, it ain't.

Put simply, I'm interested in how people learn something new, what they actually do when tackling a field or domain in which they have little experience or knowledge of. These take the form of records of thinking aloud, i.e. one trusts that whatever the unconscious is telling the conscious that it must have some kind of significance :).

There is a kind of bias for purity2 in the design of assemblages of materials and people3 to support this thing called learning. Or, perhaps better, that because the learning materials are sleek, well designed and shiny that the practices of learners that enact them have similar attributes.

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