Curry & retiring the notion of associationism

I'm something of a fan of Edge. I stumbled upon an intriguing piece written by Oliver Scott Curry. He has a more elaborated version on his Academia site. His argument resonated with me because of recent work by Ibrar Bhatt whose recent PhD research crystallised, for me, an intriguing insight into what learners do when faced with something new and armed with a good deal of helpful, well-written support materials.

Our thinking is that like most students, they read the notes, follow the instructions and produce what is required. Nope. I can't link to Ibrar's thesis just yet, he is doing final ammends to it. What the students did is to revert to an heuristic that worked for them in the past, even though it was totally inappropriate to the task they had in front of them. This is precisely the point Curry makes.

I'll do the usual thing and keep thoughts in monthly blocks, most recent date at top.

March 2015

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