Keeping track of time and rhythms: Feb/Mar 2015

17th March

My wish list for Zone is to have something that tracks the prompt that has me switch from task A to task B. Sometimes it is about being responsive to a student but other times it is the intermingling of tasks, i.e. you are chasing an idea down and your unconscious stirs and rings the tiny bit of brain that is awake to say… hey this looks handy for Project X. I log the connection but not the distraction.

14th March

Not writing a lot about it. It is more or less part of my routine now. Zone I find really useful in terms of mapping where my time goes! Still trying to find my optimum Pomodoro rhythm.

7th March

The zone software I've found really useful in terms of mapping what I do spend time on. The only trick is remembering when to turn it on/off and swap projects. An elegant piece of software. The Pomodoro stills seems a bit odd. I tend to forget it is running and then it pops up and tells you to have a break, often in the middle of writing or a good idea :) I get the logic of it. Maybe I need to experiment with the time on, time off settings.

2nd March

@acadskillsmelb asked:

Thanks for sharing your PCP site with us. How are you finding it - is it boosting your productivity?

Productivity to me is not pages or words written. For some gigs it can be, i.e. reviewing a paper or whatever. So I think of the P-word in two ways. I reckon it's been a P-day when I've had one of those dot joining moments, maybe too previously separate ideas I might have filed under slow hunches1. So maybe like B1 and B2 there are, at least two kinds of P, P1 and P2. P1 is the P that gives you joy and the odd dopeslap, i.e. why did it take so long to see that. P2 is the GTD type of P, the dull words you foolishly agreed to write for a book that has long since lost its edge even before it is published. I don't like that separation but i think a lot of P2 stuff is generated by mindless managerialistas2 who need stuff to keep their silly empires appear to be doing something: stunt managerialism. A lot of the lesser Higher Ed places have these folk in abundance making P1 work scarce.

Persisting with the two pieces of software. The rhythm software is interesting. It pops up after 25 minutes and I think, do I really want to stop here? How do I know that the take a 5 minute break works for me?

The other software is useful. I can see patterns of on and off for current work. The data viz if useful. Wow I spent more time on X on Friday than I did on Y! Hmmm.

28th Feb

I began using Zone and Pomodoro One on the 27th. Pomodoro One is surprisingly handy. You can set time and length of break and it keeps stats. The only thing that was a bit confusing was setting up tasks or projects using Zone. You have to press the return key for a label to be recorded.

Zone has a bunch of features. I've only peeked at my map from yesterday. Yeah. Handy. The only thing you have to remember is to switch projects when you change from one thing to another. Yes this project is called PCP!

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