Older projects

Some of these may move to the front depending upon priorities but clearly too many to keep alive at the same time.

Project link description public learner
ANT & web-based analyses learning about operationalising ANT via web/text-analyses cj
Curating ignorance The art, practices of curation in relation to ignorance cj sh
Writing in public Learning from/about writing in public (various experiments) cj, sh, lr
Theory Theory generally and in educational research cj, sh
The L-word Learning about the L-word cj
Slow hunches A collection of stuff that somehow niggles, 'ahas' prods cj
Learning realism Coming to terms with the family/gaggle of realisms wandering the intellectual landscape cj, ??
Keeping track of time and rhythms Exploring the use of Pomodoro method and keeping track of time cj
Curry and retiring notions of associationism Exploring Oliver Scott Curry's Edge provocation about retiring the notion of associationism cj
ANT and games in education, a writing gig Working with colleagues on writing about games in ED with an ANTish flavour cj and others if they opt to play here
Mentoring research Thinking about mentoring research in education cj
The programming Ed researcher Learning to scrape, data mine etc. cj
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