May 2014: Realism


A useful slideshare mapping of the early folk associated with the notion of realism. Needs to be expanded in here.

A conference in 2010 Metaphysics and Things at which an intriguing set of folk presented and attended:

Isabelle Stengers (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Michael Austin (University of Newfoundland) The Inner Life of Objects: Speculative Metaphysics for the 21st Century
Jeffery Bell (Southeastern Louisiana University) Between Realism and Antirealism: Deleuzian Metaphysics in the Style of Whitehead
Ian Bogost (The Georgia Institute of Technology) Process vs Procedure
James J. Bono (University at Buffalo) Atomicity, Conformation, Enduring Objects, and "Things": Science and Science Studies after the Whiteheadian Turn
James Bradley (University of Newfoundland) The Semiotic Object: Speculative Philosophy, Nominalism and Triunity
Nathan Brown (UC Davis) The Technics of Prehension: On the Photography of Nicolas Baier
Levi Bryant (Collin College) The Time of the Object: Towards the Ontological Grounds of Withdrawal
Roland Faber (Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University) Touch: A Philosophical Meditation
Andrew Goffey (Middlesex University) Magic Capture: Whitehead's Metaphysics as Experimental Activity
Michael Halewood (University of Essex) Facts as Social Things
Donna Haraway (University of California at Santa Cruz)
Graham Harman (American University in Cairo) Occasion and Process
Judith Jones (Fordham University) Conatus and Concrescence: Stearns and Whitehead on Individuation
Beatrice Marovich (Drew University) Of Creaturely Things: Reflections on the Actual Entity
Melanie Sehgal (Technical University Darmstadt/Europa Universität Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder)) A Situated Metaphysics: Reading Whitehead on Things and History
Steven Shaviro (Wayne State University) Consequences of Panpsychism

Now there is a list of topics, names.

The zero books blog has a useful post what is speculative realism? Popped that onto the specultive realism page.

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