December 2013


Have to begin somewhere and I have been interested in the work David Turnbull has been doing in relation to knowledge systems. So I have more or less leapt in to a book of his1 that has recently appeared in a Kindle edition. David was one of the first folk who helped me into the intellectual terrain colloquially known as actor-network theory (ANT). I normally keep notes about current reading on my site but I think that this and other readings in and around the T-word (theory) are best placed here. I'll keep a separate thread for my mullings on the book. Still trying to work out a protocol that will be easiest to follow.

I am puzzling about how notions of theory developed in the sciences and whether or not these notions inform or underpin the role of theory in the social sciences. Turnbull writes about the relation between the laboratory where a kind of ideality is generated in order to simplify the complexity of the outside world and the in order to apply the theory, the outside world is somehow made to conform to the ideality of the laboratory.

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