Keeping track of time and rhythms

This was nudged by an email from the good folk at Sidekick. I've been messing a little with their mail plugin that notifies you whenever anyone does anything with an email you send them. So you get a notification every time they open it, e.g.

I've heard the thesis whisperer was lyrical about pomodoro but this post mapped the caper out. I'm not sure about rhythms and the implications of how bodies work but thought I'd give it a try, if only because the software prompts you to get up and walk about every half hour. A good thing.

So I got hold of Pomodoro One which in turn led me to Vojtek Rinik's lovely little site and his collection of what I think is pretty elegant software. Simple and clean.

And given my working habits, I thought it might be useful to keep track of what I spend my time actually doing. So I purchased a copy of Zone.

So that is the beginning.

I'll log stuff by month/s


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